Who we are

Sleep as therapy

We pay attention to sustainability and environmental friendliness. We use biogenic raw materials that are environmentally friendly, resource-conserving, and biodegradable, while also having anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and itch-relieving properties.

Clinically proven results

We founded Protective Cover with the desire to develop bedding to provide adults and children with new quality of life when suffering from skin conditions such as eczema and itching.

Sleep is important for the regeneration of the body and is considered one of the most important life processes for humans and animals. But for many people with sensitive skin, sleep can be disturbed by eczema or itching, often leading to exhaustion, fatigue during the day, and insomnia at night.

We developed Protective Cover in collaboration with our partner SMARTFIBER AG to support people and animals in the healing of their skin and to allow for a new quality of life. Our bedding is made from responsible natural products that are safe and sustainable for you and the environment.

We place great importance on responsibility and transparency. That is why we produce in Austria and make sure that all of our products are safe and sustainable for you and the environment. Discover Protective Cover now and improve your sleep quality!

Experience it for yourself... envelop your skin and rejuvenate yourself with your own protective barrier.


Sprecak Sajra
Founder, PROTECTIVE COVER Because it´s Your Body